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Release- Episode 6

All is quiet on North Carolina's Outer Banks. 

Until it's not.


After months of relentless attacks on Sheriff’s Deputy Zaina Majik (Magic), The Men of the Phoenix have gone silent.  Magic is sure they continue to plan her demise and refuses to let her guard down.  She has a lot to keep her busy, though; she is running for Sheriff of Dare County, volunteering with red wolf restoration, and planning her own wedding.  By her side is fiancé Grayson Cooper (Coop), a retired advertising rainmaker who has become expert in denying the danger that seems to follow them everywhere they go.

Magic’s boss - and political opponent - Martin Moran, is trailing her in the polls.  He needs a boost to his campaign and he finds it in an acquaintance of his dead father, a powerful man who is the political animal Moran wishes he could be.  The renewed relationship also brings up feelings the acting sheriff has long kept locked away. 

As the campaign nears its conclusion, and with nuptials quickly approaching, their adversary is planning for a confrontation that will end his silence forever.  Will a false sense of security put the couple in jeopardy?  Danger is quietly hiding in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and Magic and Coop may not make it to their wedding day.

5 out of 5 stars  - The best yet!

I have read every one of the OBX Series and this is the best one yet!  I couldn't put it down!  

Annette W



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