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RECOVERY Cover - Amazon eBook -v3.jpg
Recovery - Episode 1​

The floater in Albemarle Sound is a murder victim, but no one seems to care.

Grayson “Coop” Cooper has retired early from the advertising business in New York City and returned to his hometown of Manteo, North Carolina. Hoping to become a writer and avoiding the demons that led to his early retirement, Coop lives on an older yacht and runs a smaller center console as a marine boat patrol contractor for the Dare County Sheriff’s office. He recovers from the sea the bodies of victims claimed by the treacherous waters around North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

When the body of a young Mexican migrant is discovered with a bullet hole to the head, no one seems to care enough to pursue it. It’s up to Coop and Sheriff’s Deputy Zaina Majik to find the killer or killers Their pursuit of the truth takes them on an adventure along the coastlines of the bays, sounds and rivers of northeastern North Carolina, and into a dark underworld they never expected.

Revenge - Episode 2

Coop thought it couldn’t get worse than taking a bullet. Unfortunately, his troubles are only beginning.

Forced into early retirement at 40, former advertising rainmaker Grayson Cooper is no stranger to demons; he has fought them much of his life.  Newly sober, “Coop” is finding himself again, living on a boat in his hometown of Manteo, North Carolina, and working as a Marine Patrol contractor for the Dare County Sheriff.  Life is great; until he disrupts a human smuggling ring and gets shot. 

Coop is derailing his own efforts to heal, rejecting the help offered by others and avoiding the work necessary to keep his life on track.  His girlfriend and Sheriff’s Deputy Zaina Majik is pursuing the smuggling kingpin, a man she knows only as Jefe.  The more “Magic” investigates, the more convinced she is Coop’s life is in grave danger.

Peril is once again looming over North Carolina’s Outer Banks.  Can Coop focus enough to save all that is precious to him?  Or will his inner demons distract him and ultimately destroy everything he holds dear?

RESCUE Cover - Amazon eBook_V2.jpg
Rescue - Episode 3​
When the promise you made is to rescue a kidnapped little girl from human smugglers, there is a high likelihood that keeping that promise will turn deadly.

Sheriff’s Deputy Zaina “Magic” Majik promised Captain Miguel Cortez that she would find his daughter. She was taken from her father by human traffickers, her captivity used to coerce him to captain a boat smuggling people into the US through North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Five months later, the girl’s caretaker is killed and she is left in the care of the new organization Kingpin, a young man not prepared to deal with an eight year old girl.

With new information on the girl’s whereabouts, Magic teams up with Grayson “Coop” Cooper – a contractor for the Dare County Sheriff’s office, and her boyfriend – to locate the little girl, and bring her home. The team finds an unexpected ally in a former member of the smuggling organization. The reluctant partnership has its problems, but it is also their only hope.

Coop and Magic trek all over eastern North Carolina, danger around every curve. Will they be successful and rescue the little girl? If they aren’t, they will die trying.

RELAPSE Cover - Amazon eBook_v1.jpg
Relapse - Episode 4

Old habits die hard.  Sometimes they can even kill you.

Grayson "Coop" Cooper's world is falling apart around him.  Zaina Majik ("Magic"), his fiancé, is shot announcing her candidacy for Sheriff of Dare County.  In the process, her boss, Sheriff Donnie Jefferies, takes a bullet that surely would have killed her.  All because some people don't think an immigrant is fit to run law enforcement in Dare County North Carolina.
Sober almost ten years now, Coop struggles to stay on course.  He lashes out at those closest to him, and at a God he once knew but no longer understands.  Friends handle him carefully keeping information from him that might add to his burden in an attempt to protect him from doing something stupid.  Coop thinks about doing something stupid every day; he wants to kill those responsible.
White supremacy has come to North Carolina's Outer Banks, and directly to Coop's front door.  It's kill or be killed, and Coop is okay with either outcome.
RISING Paperback.png
Rising - Episode 5

No more hiding.  It's time to rise.
The General has hidden in plain sight for almost two decades.  As an employee of the Dare County Sheriff’s office, his day job allows him access to the investigations into the activities of The Men of the Phoenix, the group he founded and runs through surrogates that are faithful to him.  But his time in hiding is coming to an end.  Soon he will drop his mask and be the leader he has waited his whole life to be.
Sheriff’s Deputy Zaina Majik (Magic) and her fiancé Grayson Cooper (Coop) are on his trail, even if they don’t realize that it’s him they are pursuing.  All the clues they need are there, but connecting them is proving difficult.  Especially as their lives are continuously threatened by the white supremacist group that doesn’t think an Indian immigrant is worthy of being Sheriff on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.
It’s a race against time as Magic and Coop put the pieces together and try to find that one clue that will tell them who The General is.  They need to work fast though.  You can’t solve a case if you’re dead.
RELEASE Cover - Amazon eBook_FINAL.png.jpg
Release- Episode 6

All is quiet on North Carolina's Outer Banks.  Until it's not.

After months of relentless attacks on Sheriff’s Deputy Zaina Majik (Magic), The Men of the Phoenix have gone silent.  Magic is sure they continue to plan her demise and refuses to let her guard down.  She has a lot to keep her busy, though; she is running for Sheriff of Dare County, volunteering with red wolf restoration, and planning her own wedding.  By her side is fiancé Grayson Cooper (Coop), a retired advertising rainmaker who has become expert in denying the danger that seems to follow them everywhere they go.

Magic’s boss - and political opponent - Martin Moran, is trailing her in the polls.  He needs a boost to his campaign and he finds it in an acquaintance of his dead father, a powerful man who is the political animal Moran wishes he could be.  The renewed relationship also brings up feelings the acting sheriff has long kept locked away. 

As the campaign nears its conclusion, and with nuptials quickly approaching, their adversary is planning for a confrontation that will end his silence forever.  Will a false sense of security put the couple in jeopardy?  Danger is quietly hiding in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and Magic and Coop may not make it to their wedding day.

RECON - Cover no border.png
Recon- Episode 7

A honeymoon spent cruising to the Bahamas.  What could go wrong?

Grayson Cooper (Coop) and Zaina Majik (Magic) are undercover as wealthy newlyweds cruising the east coast of the United States and the Bahamas.  And the governments are footing the bill. This is a welcomed distraction after months of tracking a madman who tried to kill them because he didn’t think Magic should be the next Sheriff of Dare County, North Carolina.

There has been an increase in piracy, and the US and Bahamian governments want to know why.  Coop and Magic are to cruise to the first meeting of the task force just after the new year in West End Bahamas, and they will learn more there. Until then, they will play the role as assigned, and enjoy their working honeymoon to the fullest.

While they are cruising, individuals are collecting personal information from them in a way that no one would suspect.  And one of the collectors is suspicious because he knows he has met Coop before but can’t recall when or where.

Spending money freely while cruising from North Carolina’s Outer Banks to Key West has its advantages, especially when it’s not your money.  In reality though, Magic and Coop are bait.  And bait is meant to be sacrificed.

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